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More about Bolt

Bolt is a concept-stage venture capital firm that backs entrepreneurs at the intersection of software and physical products. In addition to funding, we provide strategic company building and product development support to our portfolio. We love being in the design studio and machine shop just as much as the board room.

We thrive in the excitement and uncertainty of the early days. Often the first investors in our portfolio companies, we’re experts at building sturdy foundations for great futures. It’s never too early to work with us.

Inspiration for Boltcutter

Whenever we find ourselves offering similar advice or frameworks for thinking, we try to share that knowledge in a systematic way. Working closely with early-stage companies building a wide variety of products, we are regularly recommending tools and discovering new favorites.

This site is intended to be a living repository of what we’re learned.

We’d like to give a shout to a few kindred spirits that have published similar guides, new and old, in particular: